Istanbul – The City That Rose Again


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Istanbul is one of the incredible cities that after you have taken a tour of can never forget. They say that Istanbul is based where the western and eastern coasts meet. This is by far the most beautiful city I have ever been to, it is breathtakingly gorgeous. The city has been a home to many first ancient men be it Romans or be it the Greeks. Istanbul is both parts of Asia as well as Europe. The city holds a very lengthy and historical context to its monuments and palaces. Istanbul will give you a treat of both the old and the new. Visitors like me will lobe the kind of traditional food that is offered here. The nightlife here is very lively too and there are more than a hundred bars in this city. You will adore exploring this city. Here are some of my recommendations.

Topkapi Sarayi

The palace was first created in the early fifteenth century. In those days, the Sultans ruled over the city. The whole building is made of very beautiful gold and ceramic Islamic arts and crafts. The palace looks so majestic that you will feel that you yourself are the queen or the king. The vibes of the palace are so amazing and lovely, you will be just magnified looking at the beauty. In the building, you can find the rooms of the Sultans and their kids and their royal chamber where all the important meetings were held and the kitchen. The trip of the complete palace is over a six-hour trip and you will be eye shined by looking at all those beautiful jewels and gems from their ancient times.

Blue Mosque

The mosque was created in the early 1600s and the making of the mosque took around almost seven years and turned out to be such incredible beauty. The Muslims were rejoiced and appalled after the mosque was made as it had almost sicced major domes, and apart from this, it is only the Mecca-Medina that had sic domes and was given its seventh dome as a gift. The whole mosque was created with blue pearl ceramics and the white ones. The major elements used inside the mosque was the blue tiles of the Iznik. The shine these tiles had reflects the sunshine on all the inner walls of the mosque when the sun comes up. It is very sublime.