Genoa: Exploring the Culture and History


Being the 6th largest city of Italy, Genoa attracts a lot of visitors. The port city of Italy has a lot of attracts to check out. It is the illustrious history of the city which makes it so popular among the visitors. If you are in this city for the first time, there are a few attractions that you can check out.

Piazza De Ferrari

It is the main point of attraction in the city. It has to offer different sights. Ask me and I will say that the fountain was the most beautiful aspect of the area. There are many water jets spraying into the central basin. I loved the symmetrical shape that it forms. Around the fountain, you will come across several important buildings. Admire the architecture and don’t forget to throw a coin into the foundation and make a wish.

Porta Soprana

At one point in time, the city used to be popular for its large city wall. It enclosed a large portion of the city. As a matter of fact, it is the longest ones to be found in Italy. A part of the wall still stands erect today as towers and gatehouse of Porta Soprana. I walked to these towers and you will find it to be visible from different parts of the city. It is covered with crenulations and you can click great photographs here.

Piazza Matteotti

Even though it is placed next to Piazza De Ferrari, it is a great location in its own way. I visited the Doges Palace located in this square. What’s great is that there are markets that you can visit and shop. Haggle with the locals and pick a great bargain. I got some souvenirs for my loved ones from here. Here, you will find the Church of Ambrogio.