Geneva: Enjoy a Fantastic Tour with Family


Geneva, the city filled mounts of chocolate. Truly speaking, I found to this to be an amazing destination for a family vacation. The city is surrounded by the Alps which add to its beauty. After planning for a long time now, I and my family made it to this city. I have to say that it didn’t disappoint. Here are a few attractions that you should not miss out on.

Lake Geneva

This is the largest lake you will come across on Central Europe. The backdrop of Alps is just breathtaking. Once you are near the lake, you will feel like going out an experiencing it. So, I took a boat from Genève-Mt-Blanc’s quay. The beauty of the lake has a significant impact on the beauty of the city. You can either plan for a local tour by boat or take a cruise to Lausanne which is going to last for 3 hours.

Jet d’Eau

At the center of the city, you will find Rhone continuing its course to France, and this is La Rade. Towards the end of the jetty is a monument which is known across the world. I was just amazed to see this beauty. It gushes out 500 liters of water in every second which is propelled to an enormous height of one hundred and forty meters. Go get a closer look but be careful as the plume might divert due to the wind and cause you to get wet.

St Pierre Cathedral

If you want to spend some quiet time then you should visit St Pierre Cathedral. The architecture of the cathedral dates back to 12th century. It was home to John Calvin since 1541. I came to learn that the basilica has been constructed over much older buildings. Amongst this, you will find a basilica that belongs to the 4th century. It is definitely worth visiting.