Garmisch – Your German Alps Getaway


Have you ever visited skiing destinations in Germany? You might not have heard of many and one of the tucked away treasures of this country, high up on the Alps is Garmisch. I was told about the Alps by a friend who owns Maid Clan in Denver.  She told me I should read about it and I did.  Then I decided to make it one of my destinations as I traveled through Germany.

Did you know that Garmisch is home to the highest peak in this country, part of the European Alps, known as Zugspitze. If you thought that the Alps only means France, Switzerland or Austria, think again. German skiing is the best to experience in the town of Garmisch with spell bounding views of the Alps.

I came here by train from Munich which is a one and half hour ride. You might find the journey to this ski town slightly long and tedious but the destination is worth the travel.

Welcome to the Bavarian Ski Destination

This town is located in Bavaria and has hosted the Winter Olympics back in 1936. Every year it sees several winter sports professionals and enthusiasts making their way to this ski town destination. You will find a charming village scene here, complete with ski chalets.

Take Winter Sports Classes

You can plan a winter vacation here and take a course in skiing or skating. There are curling classes as well and many come here to take the opportunity to challenge themselves in learning a new sport. I myself tried my beginner skiing skills here.  If your children love tobogganing, there are so many trails to discover in the mountains here.

Stay at an Igloo Hotel

This is one of the secrets of this place that is not known to many. There is a hidden hotel of igloo make, called Iglu-Dorf which offers a unique stay experience. Made out of snow, you will love visiting this place, even if you simply stop by for a frosty beverage or fondue.

I also discovered Gothic churches here that are historic landmarks as well as a statue of Michael-Ende Kurpark, a famous author of the country.