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Istanbul – The City That Rose Again


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Istanbul is one of the incredible cities that after you have taken a tour of can never forget. They say that Istanbul is based where the western and eastern coasts meet. This is by far the most beautiful city I have ever been to, it is breathtakingly gorgeous. The city has been a home to many first ancient men be it Romans or be it the Greeks. Istanbul is both parts of Asia as well as Europe. The city holds a very lengthy and historical context to its monuments and palaces. Istanbul will give you a treat of both the old and the new. Visitors like me will lobe the kind of traditional food that is offered here. The nightlife here is very lively too and there are more than a hundred bars in this city. You will adore exploring this city. Here are some of my recommendations.

Topkapi Sarayi

The palace was first created in the early fifteenth century. In those days, the Sultans ruled over the city. The whole building is made of very beautiful gold and ceramic Islamic arts and crafts. The palace looks so majestic that you will feel that you yourself are the queen or the king. The vibes of the palace are so amazing and lovely, you will be just magnified looking at the beauty. In the building, you can find the rooms of the Sultans and their kids and their royal chamber where all the important meetings were held and the kitchen. The trip of the complete palace is over a six-hour trip and you will be eye shined by looking at all those beautiful jewels and gems from their ancient times.

Blue Mosque

The mosque was created in the early 1600s and the making of the mosque took around almost seven years and turned out to be such incredible beauty. The Muslims were rejoiced and appalled after the mosque was made as it had almost sicced major domes, and apart from this, it is only the Mecca-Medina that had sic domes and was given its seventh dome as a gift. The whole mosque was created with blue pearl ceramics and the white ones. The major elements used inside the mosque was the blue tiles of the Iznik. The shine these tiles had reflects the sunshine on all the inner walls of the mosque when the sun comes up. It is very sublime.

Genoa: Exploring the Culture and History


Being the 6th largest city of Italy, Genoa attracts a lot of visitors. The port city of Italy has a lot of attracts to check out. It is the illustrious history of the city which makes it so popular among the visitors. If you are in this city for the first time, there are a few attractions that you can check out.

Piazza De Ferrari

It is the main point of attraction in the city. It has to offer different sights. Ask me and I will say that the fountain was the most beautiful aspect of the area. There are many water jets spraying into the central basin. I loved the symmetrical shape that it forms. Around the fountain, you will come across several important buildings. Admire the architecture and don’t forget to throw a coin into the foundation and make a wish.

Porta Soprana

At one point in time, the city used to be popular for its large city wall. It enclosed a large portion of the city. As a matter of fact, it is the longest ones to be found in Italy. A part of the wall still stands erect today as towers and gatehouse of Porta Soprana. I walked to these towers and you will find it to be visible from different parts of the city. It is covered with crenulations and you can click great photographs here.

Piazza Matteotti

Even though it is placed next to Piazza De Ferrari, it is a great location in its own way. I visited the Doges Palace located in this square. What’s great is that there are markets that you can visit and shop. Haggle with the locals and pick a great bargain. I got some souvenirs for my loved ones from here. Here, you will find the Church of Ambrogio.

Geneva: Enjoy a Fantastic Tour with Family


Geneva, the city filled mounts of chocolate. Truly speaking, I found to this to be an amazing destination for a family vacation. The city is surrounded by the Alps which add to its beauty. After planning for a long time now, I and my family made it to this city. I have to say that it didn’t disappoint. Here are a few attractions that you should not miss out on.

Lake Geneva

This is the largest lake you will come across on Central Europe. The backdrop of Alps is just breathtaking. Once you are near the lake, you will feel like going out an experiencing it. So, I took a boat from Genève-Mt-Blanc’s quay. The beauty of the lake has a significant impact on the beauty of the city. You can either plan for a local tour by boat or take a cruise to Lausanne which is going to last for 3 hours.

Jet d’Eau

At the center of the city, you will find Rhone continuing its course to France, and this is La Rade. Towards the end of the jetty is a monument which is known across the world. I was just amazed to see this beauty. It gushes out 500 liters of water in every second which is propelled to an enormous height of one hundred and forty meters. Go get a closer look but be careful as the plume might divert due to the wind and cause you to get wet.

St Pierre Cathedral

If you want to spend some quiet time then you should visit St Pierre Cathedral. The architecture of the cathedral dates back to 12th century. It was home to John Calvin since 1541. I came to learn that the basilica has been constructed over much older buildings. Amongst this, you will find a basilica that belongs to the 4th century. It is definitely worth visiting.

Garmisch – Your German Alps Getaway


Have you ever visited skiing destinations in Germany? You might not have heard of many and one of the tucked away treasures of this country, high up on the Alps is Garmisch. I was told about the Alps by a friend who owns Maid Clan in Denver.  She told me I should read about it and I did.  Then I decided to make it one of my destinations as I traveled through Germany.

Did you know that Garmisch is home to the highest peak in this country, part of the European Alps, known as Zugspitze. If you thought that the Alps only means France, Switzerland or Austria, think again. German skiing is the best to experience in the town of Garmisch with spell bounding views of the Alps.

I came here by train from Munich which is a one and half hour ride. You might find the journey to this ski town slightly long and tedious but the destination is worth the travel.

Welcome to the Bavarian Ski Destination

This town is located in Bavaria and has hosted the Winter Olympics back in 1936. Every year it sees several winter sports professionals and enthusiasts making their way to this ski town destination. You will find a charming village scene here, complete with ski chalets.

Take Winter Sports Classes

You can plan a winter vacation here and take a course in skiing or skating. There are curling classes as well and many come here to take the opportunity to challenge themselves in learning a new sport. I myself tried my beginner skiing skills here.  If your children love tobogganing, there are so many trails to discover in the mountains here.

Stay at an Igloo Hotel

This is one of the secrets of this place that is not known to many. There is a hidden hotel of igloo make, called Iglu-Dorf which offers a unique stay experience. Made out of snow, you will love visiting this place, even if you simply stop by for a frosty beverage or fondue.

I also discovered Gothic churches here that are historic landmarks as well as a statue of Michael-Ende Kurpark, a famous author of the country.

Top Five Places to Visit in Prague


Do you know the nickname of Prague? It is “the city of a hundred spires” Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic. Prague is known worldwide for its beer, Czech food, and architecture. Make sure you enjoy each of this. Being the largest and most populous city in the Czech Republic, you will find several attractions. Below are four places you should visit to make your Prague tour memorable.

The Prague Castle

You will like The Prague Castle. It is the largest castle in the world and occupies an area of 18 acres. If you thought it was just a building, your imagination is deceiving. Many people travel from all corners of the world to see this medieval monument.  It has survived both world wars despite being at the center of the conflict. Lying at the heart of Europe, it is one of the continent’s iconic monuments.

The Charles’s Bridge

Apart from the castle, make sure you cross the famous Charles’s Bridge. It was named after Emperor Charles V, and it is as elegant as him. This bridge has some statistical significance. The king who oversaw its construction is said to be a maniac in numbers. He believed constructing it using symmetry will bring good luck. Well, it did- according to him. The bridge is 516 meters long, and by the standard of its time, this was a very long bridge. You will love crossing it especially when you learn that it was part of the royal route. It might be the most beautiful bridge in Europe.

A 50 Centimeters Street?

This fact is hilarious but true. Prague has a 50cm street! It exists, but you can not walk on it- it is so small even for a cat! The road has deserved the right to have its traffic rights. You may ask what the traffic lights are used for since no vehicle would use a 50 cm street but the lights are not meant for the cars. The lights are used by pedestrians to prevent them from meeting at the middle and wondering how to walk past each other. This street can be found near the Charles Bridge. Do not visit it; you will not walk in it.

The Zizkov Tower

Do not leave Prague without visiting the Zizkov Tower. It hovers over the Charle’s Bridge and has a small restaurant where you can have a great view of the entire city of Prague. It stands high above a hill in the district of Zizkov, and that is where it got its name. The tower is an excellent illustration of high-tech architecture. It’s a unique transmitter tower that was built between 1985 and 1992. The tower is also famous for the great work of art by David Cerny. The artwork consists of black crawling babies sculptured using bronze.

Final Short

If you are planning to visit Prague, get ready to walk for long distances. Leave your high heels at home and get something comfortable to walk in because you may end up walking the whole day. And I don’t think you want to look stupid trying to negotiate the cobbled streets in stilettos. One thing for sure is you would like to keep some memories after visiting Prague so don’t forget to carry your camera because there is so much to capture.